Oaks Dynamics is made up of a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, experts in special education, psychologists, psychiatrists, and direct care therapists, that understand the challenges families face with the critical behavioral, social, and educational needs that are unique to children with autism and related disorders and strive to meet their unique needs.

Providing high quality programs that support our clients and their families as they build and cross the bridge from where they are, to their fullest potential.

At Oaks Dynamics, our focus is on supporting our clients to live a full, integrated, independent and fulfilling life. With empathy, love, commitment, professionalism, and compassion, we support our clients to build bridges that help them move from where they are, to their fullest potential.

  • Implementing personalized treatment plans designed with each client’s goals, strengths, and needs.

  • Providing exceptional service delivery by ensuring that our clients are served in the least restrictive and safe environment.

  • Promoting family involvement in every aspect of the therapeutic and habilitative care for the clients.

  • Providing continuous training to caregivers and direct support professionals to ensure treatment integrity and optimum care is always provided to clients.

  • Providing ongoing support and professional development for professionals.

  • Disseminating information and growing the field of behavioral health by providing mentorship, support, and training to professionals and families.