ABA Services

At Oaks Dynamics, we apply the principles of ABA to teach desirable behaviors and reduce harmful or problem behaviors that obstruct learning.

We offer:

Clinic-Based Services

Our clinic-based ABA Services provide intensive ABA therapy for children younger than school age (0-5). Therapy focuses on communication, play skills, feeding, social skills, functional & adaptive skills, and basic self-care skills such as toileting, self-feeding, and school readiness,  Clinic-based treatment can also benefit older children, depending on their individual needs.

In-home services

In-home ABA services allow your child to develop functional skills in a familiar environment. In-home services are designed to target functional communication, social skills, functional skills, and reduction of problem behaviors.

Family/Caregiver Training

Your ABA team will work directly with your family to develop an individualized training plan based on the needs and priorities of your child and family. During the training sessions, your BCBA will model skills, provide practice opportunities, and provide feedback. They will also provide feedback and updates on your child’s program.

In-School Services

With your child’s school approval, we can provide direct ABA therapy in the school setting. Therapy may be provided in both home and school settings with BCBA supervision. With your IEP team’s permission, the BCBA can attend IEP meetings and consult with the teachers and other relevant school personnel as needed.

Community Services

If your child needs community-based skills training, such as going grocery shopping or going to a restaurant. Community-based services also allow the child to generalize their learning across multiple settings, thereby increasing independence with social and life skills.

At the start of services, your family will be assigned a BCBA and RBT who will work with your family in-home or at the clinic. The number of hours depends on your child’s current needs and availability.

The difference with us:

No Waitlist
Fast & Stress-free enrollment
Most Insurance + Medicaid Accepted
Highly effective clinical team